“Revolutionizing Finance and Healthcare for a Digital Future”

GVE is committed to transforming the financial system and digital health. We aim to accelerate the transition from paper to digital currency and set new standards for personal data protection to provide secure and efficient services to people worldwide. Our vision is to create a better future through innovation.


“Cutting-Edge Innovation for Security and Efficiency”

GVE places a strong emphasis on security, and its core security system is designed to share only the necessary information while securely protecting critical information such as financial and health data. Furthermore, by connecting financial institutions’ systems to GVE’s security systems, secure financial transactions can be conducted. Through this, we aim to further develop the financial system.


GVE’s business model is based on a global, innovative technology and patent strategy. We aim to capture important markets in the financial system, both in developed and developing countries, and we are pursuing business success through a combination of technology and strategy, targeting 1% of the global payments market.


Central Bank Digital Currency

GVE’s CDBC platform was developed as an instant settlement system for all legal tender.

The platform was designed based on the IMF Staff Discussion Note “Casting Light on Central Bank Digital Currency” released on November 14, 2017.

Legal tender issued by the world’s central banks represents only 2.6% of the M2 Broad Money currency supply. We facilitate the digitization of the remaining 97.4%.

Health Care

GVE proposes a simple and friendly system that allows travelers to check their immunization and medical records with just the passport they bring to the airport.

Even if a pandemic strikes, we aim to create a world where people can travel freely without having to prepare cumbersome smartphone apps and cumbersome paperwork.

Patent Strategies

GVE has been granted broad patents with three main themes, or so-called basic patents. We believe that these basic patents are essential for the transformation of the financial system.

The tech giants that have grown up to this point have also been able to establish a basic patent at an early stage, and have been able to displace those who were ahead of them. A basic patent is a tech company’s greatest weapon.

Granted Patents

3Way Layered Patents

Market Intervention by the Issuer

Basic Key Authority Technology

Data Management System Applying Key Authority


“Curiosity and Innovation at the Core of Progress”

GVE’s philosophy is rooted in curiosity and innovation. Through our Copernican approach, we aim to fundamentally change the framework of thought. Our mission is to redefine the concepts of money and healthcare in a digitized world and contribute to the advancement of humanity.

Koji Fusa

Message from CEO

Improving the Efficiency of the Financial System

In 2017, the co-founders of GVE rethought the financial system from the ground up to improve the security and efficiency of the financial system. The system has been patented in the United States, Singapore, and Japan.

Business Strategy and Technology

GVE maximizes profits through a combination of technology advantages and a global strategy. We also focus on designing internationally competitive financial systems.

Importance of Security

GVE’s security design is built from many different angles, and this patent-protected design, which will be in place until December 2040, is our answer to various hacking problems.

Challenges in the Settlement Market

GVE aims to capture 1% of the $3 trillion global payments market. This goal is achievable through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) business model tailored for developing countries.

Innovative Thinking

GVE focuses on original thinking and long-term strategy. The success of giant tech companies lies in the early establishment of basic patents. We are taking a similar approach to innovation in the financial and healthcare sectors.

History and Future

The history of money, from the circulation of gold, silver, and copper to paper money, contactless cards, and digital currency, is a great human invention. Going forward, digitalization will continue to shape the future of money.

Our Team

Koji Fusa

Founder, CEO

Yu Kusakabe

Founder, COO

Keita Takamatsu

Founder, CTO

Susumu Kusakabe

Founder, Adviser

Global Advisory Board


The Digital Money Wars (English Edition)
Koji Fusa, Koichiro Tokuoka, Nicholas Edwards

The Truth about FeliCa
Yasunori Tateishi (Author), Koji Fusa (Translator)

About GVE

Trade NameGVE Ltd.
Corporation Mumber0100-01-187660
EstablishedNovember 10, 2017
CEOKoji Fusa
Head Office Location103-0026
Kabuto-cho Kaisei Building Annex 4F, 13-1 Nihonbashi Kabuto-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Number of Employees4
Capital100,000,000 JPY (as of the end of October, 2022)


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